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I am Richard Jacobs.

Richard Jacobs

I have been working purposefully for 25 years and have been helping people find and live their purpose for 17 of those. In that time, I have seen people shape their lives and improve them beyond measure. From people who were told they couldn’t have kids and through purpose had them (literally changing their physiology) through to people who made empowered enthused career choices to people who have deepen their relationships, improved their parenting and some who changed the world for the better.

Purposeful projects

I have also had the privilege and good fortune to work on purposeful projects, from the design of the European Headquarters of NATO through to the construction of a Buddha the size of the Empire State Building designed to last and give hope for a 1000 years through to the building of 250 new schools in the UK.

If you work in an organisation or business this podcast introduces you to the transformatory effects of introducing Purpose into the workplace. We've got one life, don't you want to make it meaningful?

Purpose brings Peace.


When we are in conflict with ourselves, we create conflict in the world. But when we are aligned with a benevolent purpose greater than ourselves, we uplift ourselves, society and the planet.


Purpose brings peace; personal and global.

Purpose bring peace

A critical mass of people living their Purpose in the world means that

we don’t longer need to resort to war as a way of trying to solve our problems.


It also means that a great number of people get to live

better, more fulfilled and vibrant lives.

I am here to enable that critical mass in any way I can. 

You don't have to change the world to be on Purpose

You don’t have to change the world

to be on Purpose.


You only have to change your world. There are as many ways to live purposefully as there are people on this earth. You can live purposefully being a great parent or friend, a bus driver, a road sweeper, an entrepreneur, a manager or a cook.

  • What is your greatness?

  • Are you curious to find out?

  • What would change if you knew?

I created "The 7 Questions" to enable ANYONE to find their purpose in less than 90 minutes, about the same time it takes to watch a film.

I have had the good fortune to work with many great clients and extraordinary people. This has enabled me to  develop and refine ways where people can apply their Purpose - the most powerful and effective part of themselves, at work. Purpose helps them ignite groups, take projects to a new level, partner and drive unprecedented engagement, vitality and focus. (Common Purpose sessions,  developing Purposeful projects and teams, Making Meetings Matter, Unstoppable Creativity and Compelling Communication.) 



What if it only took 90 minutes of your time to articulate your Purpose in a sentence of less than 10 words? And get all the tools to understand what it really means and how to live it on a daily basis?

The 7 Questions to find your Purpose
Richard Jacobs

Richard Jacobs heads up YES, a multi-award winning change management consultancy - his clients include Google, Coca Cola, Unilever and Allianz as well as government bodies, NGO’s and charities. He has personally trained over 300,000 people. As a professional actor he has  worked in theatre, film and television productions around the world as well as in improvisation, comedy and interactive theatre. 

He is the author of ‘The 7 Questions to find your Purpose” and the forthcoming book “Rides of Passage; life-lessons from the road”. 


He is currently advising the European Union on positive change strategies. 

If PURPOSE interests you, I would be delighted

to support you in any way I can.

Benefit from Richard’s 25 years’ experience of helping individuals and organisations live and work on Purpose! Ask him any questions you want around living your Purpose, ...
1 hr
Benefit from Richard’s 25 years’ experience of helping individuals and organisations live and work on Purpose! Ask him any questions you want around living your Purpose, ...
2 hr
Purpose solves a host of organisational issues, in the way your business operates and with your people.This introductory conversation will help understand what key issues...
45 min
First 45mins free

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